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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pay toilet injures man


A pay toilet is responsible for injuring a man near Villingili Ferry Terminal in Male' today after the pay toilet was found to have been constructed of too-hard materials and therefore failed to cushion the fall like a Kurl-on mattress when the man fell over onto the pay toilet after a crane he was said to be "operating" toppled over on its "wheels", according to local media.

Police, however, told Haveeru that the Bangladeshi expatriate did not incur any "serious" injuries, leading many readers to wonder what "serious" actually amounts to.

So, "Was he bruised?" TL asked a bystander who wished to remain anonymous as he replied, "No idea, there was no externally visible injuries but then you have to do a scan in order to make sure there are no internal injuries as well but I doubt that local health service providers in the idyllic capital Male' are capable of that."

TL understands that the man was taken to the waterfront Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital at the backside of Male' but the eyewitness who followed us to IGMH's casualty lobby cast doubt whether the man, if he had received any injuries, could be healed here in Maldives as the eyewitness made the dubious claim, which we are very unhappy to report, that "IGMH is actually a not-so-secret 'platform' whereby Maldivian patients can be 'coerced' to take off to actual 'proper' treatment in Thiruvananthapuram in order to benefit the Indian economy because Maldives enjoys excellent bilateral relations with neighbors."

According to the local Haveeru, the closeted promiscuous crane reached over the pay toilet during the time the toilet was being in use simultaneously by two grown adult men. However, surprisingly, they were also not injured according to Haveeru but there was no further confirmation whether the Government deployed divers and marine researches to determine whether there were any visible cracks in the pay toilet after its ravishing ordeal.

Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam was quoted by local media as saying that the crane toppled over because it tried to "park."

"The incident happened when the crane tried to park in the area," Shiyam was again quoted by Haveeru but we at TL understands that Haveeru usually muddles up Dhivehi words to sex up its headlines and therefore, what Shiyam may have actually meant is that the hard-hitting crane tried to actually "land" on top of the fragile toilet instead of "park" on it as cranes usually land on objects and places.

"The driver (the Bangladesh man) was injured to some extent but it wasn't a way too big ("maa bodu aniyaa") injury," Shiyam was quoted to have concluded.

After-word: A reader had posted this comment advising Haveeru not to sex up its headlines...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sheikh Fareed to hold “grand lecture” on corruption

Stolen from his Facebook Fanpage.

Learnéd Religious Leader Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed plans to sear the normally quiet and pleasurable Artificial Beach and grounds of the glittering skylines of Malé in boiling fire, coming Saturday, with his "grand lecture" on corruption, the bane of all enterprises.

The event, being formed by like-minded individuals from the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives and the Anti-Corruption board, will be glowing under the lights of MNBC One, who will be sending live feeds to your TV and Radio sets, from the nearby beach, as hinted about by the Islamic Foundation.

The preaching is titled "Swallowing Fire" and will start as the blood red moon soars high in the night sky after the streets start to throb with shoppers coming out after Esha prayers.

Anti-Israel protests flare up in Addu atoll

Anti-Israel protests have started in Addu, the southernmost and second-most populous atoll of the Maldives' archipelago.

A group of people tried to storm while Israel doctors were performing at the Regional Hospital in Hithadhoo island which is linked by a 12-km 'Link Road' to Gan International Airport, a former British Royal Air Force (RAF) base at the very southern tip of the Indian Ocean luxury destination.

Meanwhile, despite the protests, demand and popularity of Israel doctors are shooting up, with more than 800 Adduans and 13 Fuahmulakans already registered to have their eyes checked, according to Haveeru.

TL understands that a few remaining Israel doctors are currently in Huvadhu atoll -- one of the world's most prominent coral atolls after Australia's Great Barrier Reef -- which is north of Fuvahmulah and Addu, the only two atolls of Maldives across the tropical Equator. Addu is home to Equator Village and Shangri-La Vilingili Resort and Spa while Fuvahmulah is home to one of the most amazing and breathtaking thundis in the Maldives.

A breezy welcome to Maldives winning cricket team

Photo suspected stolen from Haveeru

President Mohamed Nasheed beat former dictator and cricket-lover Maumoon Abdul Gayoom at his own game and became the first to greet the home-coming Maldives cricket team after winning the Asian Cricket Cup (ACC) Championship.

The President was the first to greet the visiting native cricketers as they strolled leisurely on a red carpet that put Dhivehi film premieres at Olympus Theatre to shame, according to a local moviegoer who wished to remain anonymous for no reason whatsoever.

The purely coincidental holding of the felicitatious occasion at the Republic Square increased reverence and meaning to the ordinary Maldivian people as it was the place exactly where the President before he became the President held a silent sit-together protest and the rest, as every Maldivian knows, is history.

The awe-inspiring cricketers went home quietly in individual limos after enjoying a group shout-out on a lorry drive round the idyllic capital of the Indian Ocean luxury destination.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DRP celebrations turn into havoc

Photo on one-time use only loan from Haveeru

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge party held last evening to celebrate the landmark Supreme Court ruling that cabinet ministers rejected by the parliament cannot remain in office turned into violent clashes between supporters of Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Deputy Leader Umar Naseer, reports Haveeru.

Umar, who was ousted by the party’s Disciplinary Committee, allegedly tried to gate crash into Ghiyasuddin International School around 9.30pm while council member Azima Shukoor was addressing the auspicious gathering. Ghiyasuddin is a recently refurbished school that is now run by India's Shri Educare as part of Maldives excellent bilateral relations with its neighbors.

Umar, however, was blocked outside the hall by beefy bouncers. Umar’s attempt to force into the hall with the help of security officers and supporters ended up in clashes between his supporters and supporters of Leader Thasmeen leaving some with minor injuries.

Umar, Ilham and council member Ahmed Mahloof held a press conference, praising Supreme Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The three stressed that the Disciplinary Committee’s decision to sack Umar was made in violation of the party’s charter.

Thasmeen and council member Abdulla Shahid, who was at the party amid the clashes, left the party when Umar forcefully entered the hall. Some people smashed a glass table in front of Thasmeen and threw chairs, which left many cocktail glasses shattered into tiny but beautiful crystals.

“That was an action planned to attack the Leader and done in the intention of destroying the party,” Deputy Leader Ali Waheed said.

After the clashes, Azima announced an end to the party, describing the clashes as a “dark” and a “regretful” night in the party’s history. However, she expressed confidence that the party will resolve the internal conflicts and win the upcoming local council election.

Australian High Commissioner Pays a Courtesy Call on the President

Photo on loan from the President's Office

Oz ambassador Ms. Kathy Klugman has paid a courtesy call on Maldives' President Mohamed Nasheed. The meeting was held on a balmy Monday afternoon in the Maldives' idyllic capital island Male' at the beachfront President's Office which offers a spectacular view of the broad horizons and cotton clouds over the Indian Ocean.

The High Commissioner and the President discussed issues of common interest to both countries including Australian aid to the Maldives and in this regard, the President thanked the Australian government for increasing the number of scholarships for the Maldives this year, according to a statement issued by the neo-Gothic establishment on Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu.

The President also briefed the High Commissioner on the recent political bickerings in the Maldives.

At the rusty dusk hour of Tuesday, the President also threw a bash at the Aussie embassy in Colombo, and thanked Ms. Klugman and the Oz Government for increasing the opportunity for Maldivian students to study in roo country.

The President said Australian scholarships were an “excellent” bilateral aid programme, which would “fill a huge gap in our human resource needs”.