Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A breezy welcome to Maldives winning cricket team

Photo suspected stolen from Haveeru

President Mohamed Nasheed beat former dictator and cricket-lover Maumoon Abdul Gayoom at his own game and became the first to greet the home-coming Maldives cricket team after winning the Asian Cricket Cup (ACC) Championship.

The President was the first to greet the visiting native cricketers as they strolled leisurely on a red carpet that put Dhivehi film premieres at Olympus Theatre to shame, according to a local moviegoer who wished to remain anonymous for no reason whatsoever.

The purely coincidental holding of the felicitatious occasion at the Republic Square increased reverence and meaning to the ordinary Maldivian people as it was the place exactly where the President before he became the President held a silent sit-together protest and the rest, as every Maldivian knows, is history.

The awe-inspiring cricketers went home quietly in individual limos after enjoying a group shout-out on a lorry drive round the idyllic capital of the Indian Ocean luxury destination.

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