Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anti-Israel protests flare up in Addu atoll

Anti-Israel protests have started in Addu, the southernmost and second-most populous atoll of the Maldives' archipelago.

A group of people tried to storm while Israel doctors were performing at the Regional Hospital in Hithadhoo island which is linked by a 12-km 'Link Road' to Gan International Airport, a former British Royal Air Force (RAF) base at the very southern tip of the Indian Ocean luxury destination.

Meanwhile, despite the protests, demand and popularity of Israel doctors are shooting up, with more than 800 Adduans and 13 Fuahmulakans already registered to have their eyes checked, according to Haveeru.

TL understands that a few remaining Israel doctors are currently in Huvadhu atoll -- one of the world's most prominent coral atolls after Australia's Great Barrier Reef -- which is north of Fuvahmulah and Addu, the only two atolls of Maldives across the tropical Equator. Addu is home to Equator Village and Shangri-La Vilingili Resort and Spa while Fuvahmulah is home to one of the most amazing and breathtaking thundis in the Maldives.

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