Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DRP celebrations turn into havoc

Photo on one-time use only loan from Haveeru

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge party held last evening to celebrate the landmark Supreme Court ruling that cabinet ministers rejected by the parliament cannot remain in office turned into violent clashes between supporters of Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Deputy Leader Umar Naseer, reports Haveeru.

Umar, who was ousted by the party’s Disciplinary Committee, allegedly tried to gate crash into Ghiyasuddin International School around 9.30pm while council member Azima Shukoor was addressing the auspicious gathering. Ghiyasuddin is a recently refurbished school that is now run by India's Shri Educare as part of Maldives excellent bilateral relations with its neighbors.

Umar, however, was blocked outside the hall by beefy bouncers. Umar’s attempt to force into the hall with the help of security officers and supporters ended up in clashes between his supporters and supporters of Leader Thasmeen leaving some with minor injuries.

Umar, Ilham and council member Ahmed Mahloof held a press conference, praising Supreme Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The three stressed that the Disciplinary Committee’s decision to sack Umar was made in violation of the party’s charter.

Thasmeen and council member Abdulla Shahid, who was at the party amid the clashes, left the party when Umar forcefully entered the hall. Some people smashed a glass table in front of Thasmeen and threw chairs, which left many cocktail glasses shattered into tiny but beautiful crystals.

“That was an action planned to attack the Leader and done in the intention of destroying the party,” Deputy Leader Ali Waheed said.

After the clashes, Azima announced an end to the party, describing the clashes as a “dark” and a “regretful” night in the party’s history. However, she expressed confidence that the party will resolve the internal conflicts and win the upcoming local council election.

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