Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sheikh Fareed to hold “grand lecture” on corruption

Stolen from his Facebook Fanpage.

Learnéd Religious Leader Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed plans to sear the normally quiet and pleasurable Artificial Beach and grounds of the glittering skylines of Malé in boiling fire, coming Saturday, with his "grand lecture" on corruption, the bane of all enterprises.

The event, being formed by like-minded individuals from the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives and the Anti-Corruption board, will be glowing under the lights of MNBC One, who will be sending live feeds to your TV and Radio sets, from the nearby beach, as hinted about by the Islamic Foundation.

The preaching is titled "Swallowing Fire" and will start as the blood red moon soars high in the night sky after the streets start to throb with shoppers coming out after Esha prayers.


  1. holly vomits! fareed deserves nothing more than the faminist underwear.

  2. is the fire chewed before swallowing? now that would be impressive